Connecting Professional Development to Customization

Home Customization Connecting Professional Development to Customization

It may seem strange to think professional development is required to customize your print resource, but for many educators this is indeed necessary. For too long the traditional textbook has been the brunt of many complaints. It’s too hard, too easy, my kids aren’t motivated, science isn’t properly represented, I wish the labs were different. You recognize the litany of complaints. Well now you can change whatever you like in our resources. Like the story of the three bears, you can get it “just right”.

But, to figure out what is “just right” requires you to take a look inside your practice and determine what it is you want to change. Over the past year of working with various science teachers I have had the privilege to discuss, clarify and confront a range of pedagogical issues related to teaching science. While challenging, the result of these discussions culminates in a teacher deciding to customize their book to reflect their teaching. This is an exciting step in professional growth and one I, and Edvantage Interactive, are proud to support.

So, let’s chat and see where your journey into customized resources will begin.