Three Characteristics of Successful Educators: Currently Personalizing Learning for their Students

Home Customization Three Characteristics of Successful Educators: Currently Personalizing Learning for their Students

Over the past decade we have worked with educators across North America to develop a blended model for print and digital resources. In this process I have recognized three important themes that continually reoccur with passionate, innovative science teachers.

They are always looking for ways to provide students with personalized learning experiences

One of the strengths of our low cost, high quality Chemistry program is that our teachers can customize the print and digital materials to meet the needs of their students. When you start with material that is 100% aligned to the AP Chemistry curriculum the job is significantly easier than creating the material yourself or searching for the “just right” webpage.

They are always asking ‘why?’

Like the scientist who looks at the unexpected results of an experiment and states “that’s funny”, our teacher users are curious about what we’re bringing to the program. From integrating mobile learning through QR codes, to the quizzes in our online study guide our goal is to provide avenues for exploring the ‘why’.

They have a personal commitment to lifelong learning

Through customization of our print resources, I am constantly observing innovative and interesting ideas being put into action by Chemistry teachers. I believe our print and digital resources support this kind of teacher. It may seem like a paradox, but by having a worktext in your program it actually frees you up to think about the important aspects of teaching. This means that rather than running to the photocopier to get a worksheet photocopied for the class, there’s time to think. It’s in that extra time that creativity can be nurtured and real action can occur.

Our program is built around these three themes. I encourage you to contact me with any further questions about how we can customize our AP Chemistry program to meet the needs of both you and your students. And please ask about our pricing discount now available until June 30, 2015.

But, maybe it’s better if actions speak for my words. Here’s the story of some of our leading educators and the work they are doing.