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One of the greatest teaching challenges is finding meaningful uses for bringing technology into the classroom. While many extoll the virtues of using digital resources with high priced hardware into the learning environment, the reality is a different story. Unstable infrastructure, lack of student access, minimal technical support and no training make the use of technology on a day-to-day basis difficult at best. In these harsh learning conditions, a solution in the form of a blended resource from Edvantage Science is now available. Janet Whitney is one of the first to bring the best of both print and digital worlds to her chemistry class at Hingham High School located in Hingham, Massachusetts.

What did she do?

Like many teachers, Janet is constantly looking for resources that engage students in meaningful learning. Along with using Edvantage Science AP resources in her classroom, she utilizes a range of other print and digital products. Her students have found the videos at Bozeman Science especially useful. As Janet states:

The graphics are excellent, the teacher breaks down complex ideas into flow charts, he includes practical examples and interesting bits of history, his manner is very open and non-threatening, and his videos are coordinated to the Big Ideas of the revised AP chemistry curriculum.”

While she can show these videos in class, there has never been a way to support her students with this particular digital resource outside the classroom. Enter Edvantage Science Blended Technology Solution (ESBTS).Screenshot 2015-08-02 06.20.04

If you know teenagers, you know they love their mobile, internet enabled devices. ESBTS uses QR codes directly in the book to allow students seamless access to relevant, engaging digital resources. All Edvantage Science books come with preloaded QR codes to various worked solutions, but Janet took ESBTS farther than anyone else.

How did she do it?

Janet took the best of the Bozeman Science videos and aligned the videos to relevant sections of Edvantage Science AP Chemistry 2. We then placed 27 (yes, that’s twenty-seven!) customized QR codes at the appropriate spots in her customized Edvantage Science AP Chemistry 2 book. The result is students can use their mobile devices to scan the QR code while they’re working at school or studying at home. Now students have just-in-time learning support in both print and digital form. Now that’s true blended learning, customized to each student.

It’s that easy.

If you want to be in control of the content you teach, if you want your kids to be successful in their Chemistry AP career, then you want the Edvantage Science solution. Print or digital, we can help you customize and build your own resource.

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