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One comment we hear from many AP teachers relates to the volume of material needed to be covered in a school year and how they wish they had more time to cover the curriculum. Now I realize this isn’t always possible within the confines of our local school. As a result, you start to see some interesting options being offered arounSM RB AP Cover Summer Bookd the country. One common solution to the ‘time issue’ is to provide students with a summer prep pack of material. The idea is students cover these concepts with minimal support. Sometimes this is review material, sometimes it’s new material. But, the theme is students complete this work on their own, summer, time. Edvantage Interactive is now pleased to announce support for AP Chemistry and Physics teachers looking to create their own, customized, summer prep pack. Yes, that means QR code direct instruction support, digital access and customization are all available to users of Edvantage Science products.

We like to call our solution the Customized AP Summer Prep eText. You, as the AP content and pedagogical expert, select from our high-quality material anything you want to use to create your own Summer Prep eText. And of course, you can add any of your own material to your eText as well.

Once you’ve ordered your books for the following school year just tell us what you want:

  • Pages to be used
  • Additional material to be added
  • Cover image

And we’ll create your own AP Summer Prep eText that you can distribute to your students.

Not sure if this service is for you? Considering the following scenario.

We just finished building a Summer Prep eText for Robert BatemanSecondary. The AP Chemistry teacher has just finished his first year of teaching AP Chemistry. He has some students in their junior year that would like to take AP Chemistry in their senior year rather than regular senior Chemistry. Many of you will recognize this situation as a time where you to go through your notes and create some sort of study pack for those students to complete over the summer. Rather than go through that process, Robert Bateman Secondary students now receive an Edvantage Science Summer Prep eText. All the teacher had to do was identify the content not covered in their junior Chemistry curriculum and send us that list. Plus, he picked out a new image for his cover. We did the rest.

Curious what he added?

Here’s a short table of contents of his Summer Prep eText.

  • Gases: Section 8.1 to 8.4
  • Relationships and Patterns in Chemistry: Sections 6.3 and parts of 6.6 and 6.7
  • Chemical Change: Sections 4.5 and 4.6
  • Thermodynamics: Sections 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3

What will be in yours? Contact me directly to continue the conversation.