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A Message from Author Stephen Fuerderer AP Physics 1 Cover

When writing the new Worktext we aimed for 100% alignment to AP Physics 1. What I like is how the write-in textbook has everything in one place – the content, practice problems, labs, place for students to do their work, highlight, write in it, etc.  Written in very friendly (age appropriate) reading level, without compromising content and higher order thinking.  The digital components includes online quizzes, study notes, e-versions of the text and the Teacher’s section includes NEW chapter tests and ample inquiry style laboratory activities requiring minimal equipment which you to use in your class,

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Table of Contents

Introduction – Skills, Methods and the Nature of Physics

1.1 What is Physics?

1.2 Equipment Essentials

1.3 Physics Essentials

1.4 Analysis of Units and Conversions in Physics

1.5 Vectors

1.  Kinematics

1.1 Speed and Velocity

1.2 Acceleration

1.3 Uniform Acceleration

1.4 Projectile Motion

2. Dynamics

2.1 Force of Gravity

2.2 Friction

2.3 Hooke’s Law

2.4 Inertia and Newton’s First Law

2.5 Newton’s Second Law of Motion

2.6 Newton’s Third Law of Motion

3. Circular Motion and Gravitation

3.1 Motion in a Circle

3.2 Gravity and Kepler’s Solar System

3.3 Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

4. Energy

4.1 Do You Know the Meaning of Work?

4.2 Mechanical Energy

4.3 Energy

4.4 Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy

5. Momentum

5.1 Momentum

5.2 Momentum and Impulse

5.3 Momentum in Two-Dimensional Situations

6. Simple Harmonic Motion

6.1 Stress and Strain: Hooke’s Law Revisited

6.2 Simple Harmonic Motion: A Special Periodic Motion

6.3 The Simple Pendulum

6.4 Energy and the Simple Harmonic Oscillator

7. Torque and Rotational Motion

7.1 Statics — Forces in Equilibrium

7.2 Rotational Motion

7.3 Rotational Kinematics

7.4 Rotational Dynamics

7.5 Rotational Kinetic Energy: Work and Energy Revisited

8. Electric Charge and Electric Force

8.1 Static Electric Charges

8.2 The Electric Force

9. DC Circuits

9.1 Current Events in History

9.2 Ohm’s Law

9.3 Kirchhoff’s Laws

10. Mechanical Waves and Sound

10.1 Wave Properties

10.2 Wave Phenomena