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Are you looking for the perfect transition from BC Science Chemistry 11 – step it up a notch…?fS8FLJ_g59-Jcm5qkEa58OBifWqsl8w1YBdRZe9Y5gpfnYGZcgoOTev0vn5bM6B8uwd78w=w1093-h825

Add all the same flexible features to our best selling program and get BC Science Chemistry 12. From mobile access worked solutions via QR Codes to just in time online assessment, with a customizable write-in textbook – students know using BC Science Chemistry 12 means a successful year of senior Chemistry.

If you want a resource that will “extend” even your best students, this is it.


BC Science Chemistry 12 Author Team – same as BC Science Chemistry 11

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Did you know you can add your own material to the book for free. Ask us how. Cheri Smith developed a Chemistry 11 overview for her Chem 12 class & agreed to share with ALL teachers.

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