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We have some success stories to share.  But first, a story about how our products work in some of the top schools in North America.

Before starting Edvantage Interactive I was fortunate to have a range of experiences within the education system. From teaching science and technology to Board consultant to building national curriculum frameworks and authoring science resources K through 12. But, I started my career in the mid- 80’s opening a brand new computer lab provided by AT&T. The lab consisted of 18 IBM XT computers with a StarLan network runninAPchem2 Cover Smallg Unix on a 3B2 400 and MS DOS 3.1 on top. I had 140 Megs of hard drive and I thought I was king of the world. We were also connected to a global network via the phone. A network soon to be commonly referred to as the Internet.

My students did the usual things with computers, but they also were able to send messages to other students throughout the world. It was pretty heady stuff 30 years ago. We even had a graduate student receive her PhD through investigating our communication behaviour as we connected with students in South Africa and Australia.

But, after three years the leaders within the Board moved on to the next “best thing” and the budget slowly evaporated and as the computers got slower the computer lab died a slow and painful death. And this is the problem we still have today. Our solutions to educational problems are not sustainable. Let me give you a current example….

Many educational boards and districts currently have a tablet pilot occurring in one or more schools. This the solution to determining how their schools will move into the 21st Century. While a noble cause, the issue isn’t the tool, it’s the process. Forget sustainable funding, which is the biggest issue. We need significant support of our educators when it comes to using technology as a learning tool. This includes infrastructure support, technical training and professional development.

Edvantage Interactive is part of this solution.

Our program takes teachers and students from where they are and provides multiple pathways to support them begin the process of integrating technology and digital information into their daily practice. This Case Study section will showcase different schools and their journey into the change of practice.

1. Creating Your Own Book

2. The Branson Experience

3. Hingham High School: Blended Technology

4. University of Toronto School: Collaborative Customization

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