Actually, SETI stands for Student Engagement Through Inquiry. I know some of you might be thinking it had something to do with the ongoing mission in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, but you’ll have to go here for that information.

SETI is the ongoing project that started seven years ago in an effort to support teachers as they learned how to operationalize Inquiry in their classrooms. Too often, the words inquiry and student engagement are thrown around by ill-informed presenters at conference as the panacea for educational nirvana. The reality is teaching inquiry is hard work. Valuable work in terms of developing life-long learners in our students, but hard work. SETI provides a framework that has worked for me in providing high quality professional development.

What you can find here are samples of activities from our various workshops. If you like what you see, please try it out. If you want to grow your professional practice, consider having us present at your school, District, Board, Province or State. We’ve been the National Conference for NSTA and had a great time.

But for now, here’s a sampling of our work.

The SETI program

This is how Science works.

One graphic organizer to rule them all

Inference vs Observation

From Observe and Wonder to a Testable Question

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